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Client: City Objekte Muenchen GmbH
​Architects: Goetz Hootz Castoph Architekten + Stadplaner GmbH​
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2016
Gross Floor Area: 21,100 m²


A typical urban landmark was built at the Friedenheimer Bridge. The architecture of the certified building speaks for itself.

The equipment of the TRIKOT OFFICE is always focused on sustainability. It also fulfills the specific desires of the company representatives while it is practical, efficient and versatile in every detail. 

The flexible conference rooms for all tenants is a cost-effective alternative to each maintaining their own room.

Munich, New Building Twin Yards


​Client: Top Office Munich GmbH, Munich
​Architects: S.A.M. Plantech GmbH, Munich
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept
Completion: 2015
Gross floor space: 18,000m²


The LEED- and DGNB-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Nachhaltiges Bauen) building is being integrated in the Parkstadt (“Park City”) of Schwabing quarter, which has many new buildings.

3D lighting simulations were produced as a demonstration of artificial light calculations. In addition to this, the 3-D model, as a whole, helps to support the client in the decision-making process. 

The requirements related to certification are reflected in all the areas of work involved. In lighting, therefore, only lamps with color rendering of at least 90% are used.

Würzburg, Center for Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis with Boron (ICB)


Client: Staatliches Bauamt Würzburg
Architect: Schuster Pechtold Schmidt Architects
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2020
Gross floor area: approx. 16,000 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9


As a new building, a laboratory building for ICB is to be built on Campus South in Würzburg. The special are the laboratory areas with boron, laser spectro and synthesis laboratory. To meet the safety requirements, a fire alarm system, a safety lighting system and a class 3 lightning protection system mixed with class 2 are required.

As a special challenge, we see the connection of the new building to the existing chemical building. Due to synergy effects with an existing building, its power supply / emergency power supply as well as media connections can be used.

Waldkraiburg, New Building and Plant Expansion


​Client: SGF Sueddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg
​General planer: COPLAN AG, Eggenfelden
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2016
Gross floor area: 14,880m²


The task was to prepare the headquarters of the successful automotive supplier for the future by means of a five-stage plant expansion.

A medium-voltage connection with the highest possible level of redundancy, together with separate transformers and emergency generator, guarantees safeguarding against power failure.

The entire IT infrastructure is to be revised and updated. Specially selected distribution locations make expansion and conversion possible at any time. This enables the client to benefit from our long-standing experience in the industry.

Rosenheim, New Building Montagehalle Krones AG


​Client: Krones AG, Neutraubling
​Architects: Architektenbuero Haumann & Fuch, Traunstein
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2014
Gross floor areal: 4,500m²


The aim of the new building of the assembly plant is to concentrate the processes of production, logistics, and module assembly in a single location. Both timed and automated production units were installed to improve material flows and thereby reduced lead times. 

In accordance with the Krones standard, large glass panels and skylights allow large amounts of daylight into the interior. The work lighting consists of energy-saving, antiglare, and – with sufficient daylight – automatically dimmed lights.

Beilngries, Rohmann construction office building


Client: Rohmann Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH
Electric | | Information | Media | Security | lighting technology
Completion: July 2017
Gross floor area: 3,980m²


In this architecturally challenging project, a new administration building of Rohmann Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH was built.  

In close cooperation with the client, representative, modern office, training and meeting rooms were created.

Energy-efficient, flexible and sustainable solutions led to an overall economic result with which the client can continue to grow.

Nuremberg, Renovation, Emergency Control Center, Nuremberg


​Client: NuernbergerMesse GmbH, Nuernberg​
Architects: Rosner Architekten, Nuremberg
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completions: 2014
Gross floor area: 2,500m²


Conversions of existing buildings are not unusual at NuernbergMesse. In this project, however, this is a major task. The emergency control center of the site is being integrated into this project, with the involvement of various users, including the police with its own detention cell. 

The complex work associated with connecting to and supplementing existing systems forms the framework of our assignment.

The standards of NuernbergMesse are being implemented without difficulty using our modern CAD and AVA tools, and guarantee the client uninterrupted documentation and comprehensive modification of existing records.

Nuremberg, Modernization, Gastronomy, Business, and Medical Lounge, Nuremberg


​Client: NuernbergerMesse GmbH, Nueremberg
​Architects: Rosner Architekten, Nuremberg
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
​Completion: 2015
Gross floor area: 1,480m²


The central employee casino of NuernbergMesse is to undergo comprehensive modernization. In addition, a catering and VIP areas were created.

Connection for variable press boxes using IT connection facilities, etc. are equally essential as comprehensive WLAN coverage with the standards of NuernbergMesse GmbH.

The conversion, expansion, and relocation of safety technology, including fire alarm and emergency lighting systems were implemented by us in coordination with external experts during the planning and construction phases.

Munich, renewal of a BOS radio system Helmholtz Institute Munich


Client: Helmholtz Zentrum München GmbH, German Research  Center for Health and Environment, Neuherberg
Telecommunication and information technology systems
Special services: Radio field strength measurement and inventory
Completion: 2017
Performance phases: 1 - 9


The Helmholtz Zentrum München is the German research center for health and the environment. It investigates the emergence of widespread diseases in the context of environmental factors, lifestyle and individual genetic disposition, and develops new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

For the most part, the planning included a new BOS radio system (BOS = authorities and organization with security tasks). The construction involved a section of the Helmholtz Center.

These are radiocommunications of the authorities in emergency situations within certain frequency ranges outside public authorizations. A major challenge was the implementation of the measure in the ongoing research operation.

Areas that had to rely on radiation and virus protection for research had to be treated with particular care. Work could only be carried out here by close collusion and after passing through clean room locks.

Munich, BMW Werk 1.10, Emergency power supply 


​Client: BMW Group 
Electrical engineering | Information- | Lightingtechnique 
Completion: 2020 
Processing phase: 1 - 8 


At the headquarter of the BMW Group in Munich, the safety power supply systems in the assembly, body construction and production halls will be renewed.  

​Accordingly, we bring state-of-the-art security lighting, fire detection and alarm systems in the halls. 

For the purpose of proving and correctly designing the alarm system, we make noise level measurements in advance in each hall section. This enable us to ensure that the normative specifications and BMW standards are adhered to. 

Airport Munich 


Client: Flughafen München GmbH / Terminal 2 GmbH & Co oHG 
Techniqual equipment 
General agreement  



At Munich airport, we have a longterm general agreement of planning services and property supervision.  ​

​The results are enormously high requirements in the  field of safety engineering, so that a frictionless flight  operation is possible.

Regensburg, BMW plant6.10, building 41.2+6.90,  automatic error detection (AFE) - transformer offset 


Client: BMW AG 
Description: Relocation S-Station and transformer on alternate surface 
Concept and plan: 07/2016 - 05/2017 
Completion: 2017 
Processing phase: 1 - 8 


At the factory in Regensburg, BMW AG is planning to expand the conveyor lines in the area of the paint shop. To do this, an existing 10 kV transformer station with associated switchgear had to be moved from the upper floor tp the lower ground. 

The main task was, in addition to the transportof the transformer weighing several tons, the guarantee of continuous production. For this purpose, a redundant feed-in was set up, which made it possible to switch off and move the transformer during production.  

After successful re-commissioning of the transformer, the individual switchgears were built up gradually and the individual cables were moved within the production breaks, so that all machines could be kept in operation at all times.