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Nuremberg, General Renovation at Friedrich-Alexander University Faculty Economics and Social Sciences

Nürnberg FAU

​Client: State Building Department Erlangen-Nuremberg
Architect: Baum-Kapler Architects
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2019
Total area: 25,000m²
Processing phase: 1-9


For the Faculty WiSo a generally basic renovation was required. In our case this meant the planning of lighting and security technology.

A particularly extensive fire protection concept was required for this project.

A seamless and precise planning was necessary for this facility to prevent the interruption of normal operations.

Munich, New Building Administration Building


​Client: KIB Projekt GmbH, Nuremberg
​Architects: Steidle Architekten, Munich
​Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2015
Gross floor area: 15,560m²


Two different units for allocation. The two units of the building were commissioned by two different clients, calling for a subdivision into various areas.  Thanks to our CAD and AVA tools, costs can easily be divided in a transparent manner.

The lightning protection system was planned in such a way that subsequent installation of a photovoltaic system can be realized without difficulty.

The possible roof areas were defined so as to avoid any necessary alteration to safety technology.

Regensburg, new publishing building for Gruppe Mittelbayrischer Verlag KG

Regensburg, Mittelbayerische Verlagshaus

Client: M-Immo GmbH, Regensburg
Architect: Steidle Architekten, Munich​
Electrical- | News- | Media technology |Lightingconcept | 
Material Handling System | Interactive newsroom​
Completion: April 2013
Gross floor area: 12,400m²


The basic work concept, which reflects the essentials of people in their communication environment, marks this new building. A state-of-the-art, interactive newsroom is its central element.

It has already set a new standard in the publishing industry. Dr. Burnickl himself developed the total electrical planning project for this building and successfully implemented it. 

Award-winning Architect: Steidle Architekten Gesellschaft von Architekten und Stadtplanern mbH, Munich

Gilching, New Building, Community Center (VOF)

Gilching Bürgerzentrum

Client: Gilching Municipal Council
Architect: Prof. Teppert, Munich / MRB Architects, Munich
​Electrical- | News- | Mediatechnology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2016
Total floor area: 11,000m²


A zero-energy building with fixed budget was the specification in this VOF procedure. The community center in Gilching with four floors is built on a piece of undeveloped land with a surface area of approximately 12,000m2.

The large function hall on the ground floor, as well as meeting room on the upper floor, are equipped with state-of-the-art media technology. Central data processing units enable events to be transmitted via a redundant network.

Freystadt, extension and renovation of the Martini School

Freystadt, Martini-Schule | © Axel Roderus

Client: Stadt Freystadt
Architect: Berschneider & Berschneider GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology | building automation
Completion: 2022
Cross floor area: 8,700 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9


The construction project, Martini-Schule in Freystadt` is going to be a complete refurbishment with new components the refectory / auditorium and several classrooms with marketplaces carried out. This is a primary and secondary school with open learning concept and many flexible Land use strategies.

For asset groups 4 and 5, we were additionally commissioned for asset group 8. As a particular challenge in this project, the most diverse electrotechnical systems in stock and the implementation of the reconstruction measures in the current Operation dar.

Another aspect is the very elongated structure in which it is both the electricity and EDP ​​supply depends on the right distribution concept with decentralized locations.

Fürstenfeldbruck, Modernisation of AOK-Business Office

Fürstenfeldbruck, AOK

Client: AOK Bayern, Dachau
Architect: Hafenmayer Architecture, Ingenried
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept
Completion: 2014
Project Data: Modernisation of energy and fire protection technology ​
Gross Floor Area: 4.800 m²


The unique feature of this project was the renovation of the energy and electro technic features of the existing building during regular operation. Therefore, during the process a safe and comfortable work environment had to be provided for the employees at this AOK location.

Due to the constantly increasing requirements regarding fire protection, a retrofit of the safety-lighting layout was completed. The existing fire alarm was expanded in such a way that a comprehensive monitoring system now exists for the entire building, including all areas between ceilings.

Erlangen, refurbishment 2-fold sports hall and new building 2-fold sports hall in the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium



Client: City of Erlangen
Architect: Architekturbüro Rainer Eis
Electric- | Information- | Conveyor- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology  
Concept and planning: from 07/2017
Gross floor area: 3,500 m²
Performance phases: 1 - 9



This project by the City of Erlangen concerns the refurbishment of an existing 2-fold sports hall and the subsequent construction of a 2-fold sports hall as an extension to the Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium in Erlangen. In addition to the power plants, the contents of the electrical planning also include the telecommunications and information technology facilities as well as conveyor systems.  

Special attention during the planning is the dimensioning of the plant components of the renovation, so that the later new building can also be supplied without much effort.

Furthermore, the connection of the safety equipment in the existing building, such as fire alarm system and emergency lighting, part of the planning.   The new building will be designed as a meeting place. From an energetic point of view, a photovoltaic system is being set up.

Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Renovation, Clubhouse, and New Building, Double Sports Hall


​Client: Municipal Council of the city of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
Architect: Kuehnlein Architektur, Berching
Electrical- | News- | Media technology | Lightingconcept | Material Handling Systems
Completion: 2014
Total floor area: 2,500m²


Diversity is most certainly present in good measure in this project, which involves not only a clubhouse – different users with varying needs are involved.  Requirements include, for example, a theater stage equipped with media technology and a catering area.

E-mobility charging stations are already widespread in Neumarkt i.d. Opf., and this construction project is also intended to respond to the rise of electrical vehicles.

Emmering, renovation Amperhalle


Client: Municipality Emmering
Architect: Architekturbüro Winzinger GmbH
Electric- | Information- | Telecommunications- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 2,356 m²
Performance phase: 1 - 9


A refurbishment with small extensions was completed within a short time for the general Sports company implemented in the Amperhalle.   A large shooting range and a catering kitchen were integrated.

Ballproof LED lighting, area-wide fire alarm system and a central Safety lighting completes the refurbishment.   Due to existing supply bottlenecks, the energy supply was completely renewed.

Klinik Kösching, new construction of the maternity hospital

Kösching Klinik

Client: Clinics in the Nature Park Altmühltal GmbH
Architect: Architects Golling
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Completion: 2017 Gross floor area: 605.33 m²
Performance phase: 2 - 8


The new construction of the maternity clinic will be built on an existing building. The plant is completely supplied by the existing building. There are two new delivery rooms, three examination rooms, a relaxation bath and a nurses' base with a waiting room.  

Two new distributions will be built in this new building. These are responsible for safety and general care. The fire alarm system, the telephone system, the security lighting and all other equipment are adapted to the existing system.

All protective devices and important equipment are reported in case of faults via building control systems.

Neumarkt i.d.Opf, new administration building


Client: Michael Klebl GmbH & Co.KG
Electric- | Information- | Media- | Security- | Lighting technology
Concept and planning: from 04/2017
Performance phases: 2 + 3, 6 - 8


This project by Michael Klebl GmbH & Co.KG concerns the construction of a new administration building in Nürnberger-Str. in Neumarkt i.d.Opf.  

Before the work began, there was a dealership on this property, which had to be demolished first. Electrical planning includes power and information technology systems.   Particular attention was paid here to the later use of the building, which in the future by the Office of Food, Agriculture and Forestry Neumarkt i.d.Opf. is being used.  

Another part of the planning was the connection of the safety equipment such as fire alarm and security lighting system in the building, as well as in the adjacent underground car park.